About us

My name is Sotiria and was born in Greece .I graduated from electronic engineering department but always was interested in creating things by hand and everything that has to do with art. I attended lessons couple of years for designing and making bags and was so excited with this subject. Seeing your thoughts and inspiration become reality is so amazing!

For two years ,i worked for a big Greek company in the production department of creating leather bags and managed to improve my skills,learn  new techniques and meet some wonderfull people .After that,i decided to stop and work at home close to my children that admire what I am doing. So , i created ”Eternal Ninemia”.

I love making clutches and bags for your special wedding day,decorating heels and sandals, even if you are a guest,mother of bride or invited at  a special event. Other bags for everyday use are also available  for women ,men and kids or jewelry.

Inspiration and materials

My creations are mostly inspired from the beautiful islands  I come from,Chios and Oinousses where all these years I have connected with summertime and childhood. The sand,the shinny pebbles,the shells,the vibrant colours of the sea and sky,the unique medieval villages of Chios and mastic,the beauty of nature and animals. The tradition of Greece with some modern touch. The motifs you meet in different places influences and inspires.I am also inspired from fairy tales,music,memories,flowers and nature.

Who can’t imagine exploring an island without wearing flat Greek sandals  from day until evening?

I  use the best quality of leather with natural tan that looks better through time ,made with traditional techniques from a craftman that I cooperate. Sandals are decorated in my small artistic workshop with materials from all over the world, but especially  from Greece. Beads ,laces,wood,special trims, silk cocoon, silk, swarovski elements,crystals, cork from Portugal, greek and italian leather all chosen by me. Some of them are one of a kind and that makes the creations so special. Each  project is unique, and made with love and care from start to finish.

Sandals for brides are also perfect for beach wedding or an  island. Beautifully hand decorated flip flops as the bride is getting ready,or later for the party. They are so comfortable and classy the same time.

Heels are made from greek work shops with the best quality of leather or materials usually in real leather or other eco friendly materials after request and the embellished by me.

Bridal bags are also available with your matching shoes which are made by me even with fabric of your wedding dress.

Evening bags,clutches,pouches,bucket bags,even belt bags,traveler,weekend or laptop are also available.Thev only thing you have to choose is the colour and leather you prefer.

The story behind my name

I always enjoyed watching the trail of the waves left in the water by a boat or ship,the thin line from an airplane,the sweet scent that lingers in the air from a perfume by someone  who wonders in a room. It’s like you travel and instantly distracted by anything else. Time stops so painless like a small rewind trying to discover what was that passed by and left behind an aura almost like a breeze,full of euphoria.

It’s what we are looking for today,when everything moves so fast. It’s that instant pause in time that trap us there,the ninemia in mind and the soul .It’s the calm after the storm,the rainbow,the clear water you can see through it like glass. It’s the the calm in a sight after tears…

I wish you always leave that scent of feeling around you. Be unforgetable ,be classy,eternal and unique! Eternal ninemia


Contact us:

Eternal Ninemia

Kandylorou Sotiria

21 Karderinas Street ,14572 

Drosia Athens, Greece

tel:6944947501 and 2108135438

Κανδυλώρου  Σωτηρία

Καρδερίνας 21,

14572,Δροσιά Αττικής